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Get your kit at the Hotel

Our employees(Yuri, Ben) of KOPPEX 2020 Secretariat will be waiting for you at the hotel lobby to welcome and give a kit for KOPPEX 2020.
You should take it by yourself.

※ Emergency Number

Please contact KOPPEX 2020 Secretariat if you have any issue during your stays.

KOPPEX 2020 Secretariat Airport Angela Do +82-10-8633-8939
SKYPE(Live): ejdo_3
Halle Lee +82-10-3660-6206
SKYPE(Live): mfrlee
Hotel Yuri Lee +82-10-9302-6067
SKYPE(Live): d39e7cf149c038bb
Ben Lee +82-10-7508-8953
SKYPE(Live): ljh01200